I’m now on my last day of the 2 week work experience at D&M Creative and I have very much enjoyed my experience in this brilliant creative industry at D&M. Over these 2 weeks I’ve been making logos for myself and making logos for a client to practice different ideas and techniques in illustrator and photoshop. I have also be doing a lot of work in the sensible soccer website which is a great website created by D&M where your can buy all kinds of pro-quality football equipment. The work I did on sensible soccer and the work I did for DRS really helped me understand how websites work and how product websites are run. It is definitely the sort of career path I would consider taking in the future as this has been I memorable and worth while experience.

Overall my time here has been really enjoyable and I would definitely recommend D&M as an excellent design company and a wonderful place to do work experience.
As a thanks to the guys, my mum baked some cup cakes and they seem to really like them so I definitely recommend bringing in something like that for a good last impression if your on work experience here.