We all perceive things differently, so maybe there isn’t ever an absolute, nailed on ‘correct’ answer?


Take another look at the image above. Is it a profile picture, or face on? What’s your perception? The answer is both, it simply depends how you interpret what you see. The same applies to all of our senses, we all hear things differently, enjoy different tastes and smells. We all have varying ideas, we think differently!

So how can one advertising campaign or marketing promotion hit the spot every time? The answer? Belief of course! If it’s believable, then it must be true, right? If we are persuaded to believe in a brand, product or service, then we will most likely trust it! If we trust something, it becomes safe, habitual or even enjoyable and we go back for more, time and time again! What’s more, others trust our perceptions, experiences and beliefs, so they’ll go and try it as well! 

Brands can be elevated or destroyed in a very short space of time! The one truth in a brand’s ultimate success or failure, is a collective belief, the only real question is whether that is constructive or destructive! If youre a business owner, take time to consider how your audience perceives your brand. Whichever way they see it, ultimately they’re right and we should take time to listen.

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