In brief, Multisite is an extremely useful feature used to facilitate users who wish to run multiple subsites under a single install of WordPress. For the right user, and if implemented correctly, Multisite has the capability to completely revolutionise the way you manage your website updates and administration.

Here we explore the full workings of the Multisite feature within WordPress, its benefits and whether it’s right for you.

So What Is Multisite?

Multisite is an extremely useful function that can be implemented within any WordPress sites that use that has a Professional legacy plan, a business legacy plan or a customised plan in place. Before you begin looking into this further, it’s important you make sure your current WordPress plan permits you the use of Multisite.

How Does Multisite Work?

Once activated, the Multisite feature allows you to create a ‘network’ of subdomains and subdirectories under one install of WordPress. The beauty of this feature is you can add an unlimited number of subsites which are all managed by the user of the primary site, often referred to as the ‘Super Admin’

Although the subsites admins are able to make basic changes to their sites, they do not have complete autonomy. Certain changes such as changing themes, adding or removing plugins or other important updates can only be executed by the Superadmin.

This type of framework is perfect for allowing individuals and businesses to update their content easily without being able to perform significant changes to the functionality or structure of the site.

Is Multisite Right For Your Business?

Whether or not you require Multisite implementing depends entirely on what you want to achieve for your website. Having a network of connected subsites has its pro and cons and it’s worth considering the points outlined below to establish it is the right model for you:


  • Since all the subsites within a Multisite network share the same WordPress core files, you can make updates to the themes, plugins and other major changes all at once without having to log in and out of several different sites.
  • It’s easy to manage all of your subdomains from one central dashboard.
  • As the Superadmin, you have complete control over all the main aspects of each site within your network allowing you to keep consistency and uniformity across the board.


  • If you manage multiple sites that use the same themes or plugins then Multisite will not work without making them match.
  • If you have a Personal level plan then this doesn’t support the use of Multisite
  • If each of your sites has a high level of customisation it may be better to stick to managing them individually

WordPress Multisite hosting isn’t for everyone, but it’s a perfect solution those wanting to create a network of subsites that can be easily edited from one central dashboard. If you’re interested in learning more about Multisite we can help you see if this is the right solution to managing your site, feel free to drop us a line, we’re always happy to help.