Universal Smart Cards – Creative Canvas for Advertising & Marketing Concepts

Ali, here is the master canvas where we can view concepts, share ideas, create campaigns and generally have some fun. It’s dead important to see how visual communications work together to form a series / bank of material that should generate enough familiarity to be instantly recognisable to the Universal Smart Cards brand.

August / September 2022 – Marketing Activity & Concept Development Timeline

HID® – Mobile Access Campaign

A relatively simple message for this one, suggesting that Mobile Access Control keeps everything in one place eliminating the need for multiple devices, cards and fobs.

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USC – The Right Formula For Education!!!

A Fun Packed ‘Back to School’ Approach Suggesting That ‘USC Have The Answers to Supply Questions’

Images (Below) Determined to be Too Young for Audience

Retain for future reference

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MIFARE® DESFire® – Stock Availability Promo

1) Don’t gamble on your supplier, suggesting that not all suppliers are wholly truthful about their stock position.
2) A creative take on the way people use Google Maps to find the things they are looking for. Laying out a ‘route’ to Universal Smart Cards as the place to source DESFire cards.

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Just ONE TREE. We’ve Joined ‘Because’ Campaign.

I’ve utilised and adapted variations of Just One Tree’s Global advertising statements and offered Core Reasons why USC are involved in such an important cause.

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Complete Your USC Purchases, Before You Go On Holiday…

A Cheeky Twist on a Pre-holiday Preparation Suggestion That You Should ‘Check Out & Complete Your USC Purchases’ before you ‘Check In At The Airport & Jet Away On Holiday’

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Even The Best Forget, Sometimes.

A Fun ‘Reminder’ Approach to this one which plays on Buyer’s Ego’s suggesting that ‘Even The Best Forget Sometimes’

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The Universal RFID Reader

A USC Product that quite simply Deserves an Oscar for Specification & Value for Money Versus the Competition.

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The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Central Weekend 2022

Quite Pop Art, Simple. A Rare Image of Elizabeth II that Can be Used in a Non-editorial Manner.

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HiTi CS-222e Dual Sided Card Printer – Launch Campaign Advertising

HiTi Product Launch ‘Teaser’ Campaign, Series Concepts Below. A fourth and final ‘Grand Reveal’ Advert will be created once a suitable product shot is sourced.

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A USC Blue Version – Rough / Unfinished (As Requested).

World Earth Day – USC Sustainability

Another attempt to push the boundaries from the norm (of what we see in the online space) around Environmental Topics. We all see visuals of Earth from space in it’s Current form, I’ve gone one step beyond this and tried to offer more though provoking impact through challenging the thinking of ‘What If’?

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Seasonal Campaign Advert – An Incentivised Easter Twist

Bringing Easter and an incentivised Reason to Buy From USC, ‘Let’s Dangle A Carrot’ Attempts to avoid the Norm and offer a Double Meaning. ‘Happy Bunnies’ as a code also suggests, Good Stuff for customers at Easter. Eshot Promotional Concept Below:-

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Eco Friendly Products – USC Environmental Product Choices

A Sustainable product choice topic, developed for all responsible activity. Initial thoughts on headline based around that fact that change is needed now ‘IT HAS COME DOWN TO EARTH’, I felt it necessary to make a current status, not further or past. Graphics below based on current Global Challenges.

Universal Smart Cards Eco Friendly Products – Logo / Brand / Identity

Primary Campaign Advertising – National Trust Plant A Tree Campaign

Alasdair’s request to take part in a UK based scheme operated by the National Trust. The concept of the ‘Tree Growing’ signifies the target, amount of trees planted over time. Targets can set for the campaign, initial promotional visual below:-

Read More About The National Trust Scheme Here

Primary Campaign Advertising – USC Flexible Friends

A separate topic from the list. Rekindling a slightly Retro phrase based around the idea of a physical card ‘Your Flexible Friend’. Graphics below following the USC standards of memorability and immediate recognition.

Social Graphics – USC Your Partner for Student ID

The Second topic on the list, developed for Social Activity. Initial thoughts on hearing ‘Your Partner for Student ID’, I felt it necessary to inject a little more POWER, hence why not shout the phrase “Your Student ID Superheros”. Graphics below following the USC standards of memorability and immediate recognition.

Concept Stage 1 – Chip Shortage Series (1)

The first topic is based around the ongoing Global Chip Shortage crisis that continues to create bottlenecks in supply. Our push around this aims to suggest that ordering ahead should solidify position in ‘The Queue’, hence emphasising the need to plan in advance. The following thumbnail sketches concepts are based around a concept from a well known phrase “When the chips are down”, which should resonate with the market in a human way.

Animated Version 1 – Chip Shortage Series (1)

A finalised and animated version of the concept, Male representation.

Animated Version 2 – Chip Shortage Series (1)

A finalised and animated version of the concept, Female representation.

Flat Graphic (Example) Version – Chip Shortage Series (1)

First Advertising Flat Graphic “When the chips are down”, Female Representation.

Notes, Comments, Feedback on this Specific ‘People Focussed’ Advertising Campaign.

This is where can document any successes, challenges or thoughts from the above campaign.

April 2022 – Marketing Activity & Concept Development Timeline

General Corporate Styling, a Few Rules & Guidelines to Maintain Consistency

General Typography Guidance

Typography style should remain consistent throughout all advertising mediums, retaining consistency and memorability. The following typeface should be used unless other typographic style enhances a specific message. Futura Condensed Extra Bold. A headline font that used and trusted to communicate well by organisations such as NIKE.

Universal Smartcards Digital Thumbprint (Advertising)

A Physical Digital stamp associated with Universal Smart Cards Advertising. Will generate memorability and also avoid copycat reproduction (acting as watermarked graphic across all mediums).