It’s really simple; do nothing, and nothing will change. Nothing will happen and ultimately, you’ll end up limping along or failing. Without action and without activity you will not see results you need in your business. Taking action isn’t simply talking about things and then coming up with new ideas – it’s about implementation, it’s about putting those ideas into practice now and preparing yourself for the new challenges. Plan as much as possible and make sure that you’ve got your business in a position where you’re able to take as much action and activity as possible.

Final Thoughts… So, there’s my seven tips for helping you to think about the ways in which you can change and adapt the way that you approach business right now. Ultimately, what you need, what we all need, is a unique selling proposition (USP) that goes way beyond saying we provide a ‘quality service’ ‘we always deliver on time’ and other generic terms – because anybody can say that are unique selling proposition. Communicating clearly and regularly with your stakeholders is crucial, as is keeping furloughed or often overworked staff happy and engaged.

Now, more than ever, we need to be bold, tenacious and truly connected to our networks.