What do I mean by this? Put simply, write down everyone you know and see how you can help them, and how they could potentially help you. Typical networks include: Family & Friends, Work Colleagues, Suppliers, Customers, Social Clubs / Contacts, Previous Customers, Neighbours

When you think about your network, I guarantee you’ll get to 200 people easily. Potentially, this could be a good way to generate reciprocal contacts and business. Strategic alliances are great ways to build networking equity right now. Not many companies may be spending on your products and services right now, but everyone still wants to find a way to grow and develop once the current situation has passed. 

Finally, don’t forget to embrace webinar technology like Zoom to meet and talk to people. I have a regularly meeting every Wednesday morning. There’s around 35 people on the call and we network for business. If you’d like to experience this drop me an email.