There’s a whole host of different, often free, forms of technology that can be used to improve your marketing right now. For example, Hootsuite and other social media planning tools mean you can schedule messages to go out over the course of the month. These posts can then be boosted to specific target markets to allow engagement.

But social isn’t the be all and end all – there are now Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms that can be used for Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. These reduces waste, improves ROI and ultimately make you more money. Web analytical software such as HotJar allows you to look at how people use your website, highlights areas to improve and makes your website experience as good as possible. 

You’ll also have witnessed the increasing use of webinar software. Zoom meetings are becoming the norm, and while some may not feel they are as effective as face to face, they reduce the need for contact, travel and drive efficiencies. This will continue not just for the next few months, but well into the future. Your website is now more crucial than ever. If you’ve been putting it off updating it, don’t wait any longer. Use this time to get it updated and focused on driving enquiries and business.

Other ideas include creating What’s App groups for both internal and external communication and even furloughed staff can spend their time on Google Garage or the Facebook and LinkedIn equivalents ups skilling, ready for their return!