During the recession of 2008, on average, advertising in newspapers, radio and online decreased by around 16% globally. That’s a massive fall! I analysed my inbox and compared email marketing in February to March. I found a staggering 79% decrease in emails that I received from companies promoting their services. While the level of B2B email marketing has picked in over the last month, this creates is an amazing opportunity for you to get your message to people much easier, as there’s less noise in the market. 

There’s also many new forms of technology that weren’t around in 2008 and new ways of engaging through social media, email marketing, online networking, webinars and much more. Embracing communication and having a clear strategy is essentially no matter what business you’re in.

It’s not all about selling, it’s about building brand equity and brand allegiance, something many of us forget during boom times! A final consideration, why not be a thought leader instead of a follower – use your experience and knowledge to build your reputation.