15 years ago this month, D&M Creative incorporated as a marketing, advertising and design company. It’s been an amazing journey of discovery over that time – a constantly changing and evolving industry.


How did you promote your business in 2002? How did other businesses promote their products and services to you in 2002? Do you remember when direct mail turned into email, newspaper advertising moved online, message delivery and communications became instantaneous?


The only guarantee for the next 15 years is this; everything will change again and we might look back at this article and say “I remember social media advertising and infomercials, but fibre was slow wasn’t it” and “remember when we hung TV sets on our walls”?


The concept of television is rapidly becoming obsolete as we continue to hang ever more sophisticated devices on our walls and information streams get smarter, faster and smarter again.


As unlimited access to limitless information becomes ever more accessible, how will your product or service stand out, be popularised, and find space?. Will preference be given to popularity, not importance through likes and shares? It is a question that every business needs to ask sooner rather than later….


If you believe, as we do, that 2017 is time to write your next chapter and stay one step ahead of progression (or at least in-line with it), Let’s talk about your marketing now and embrace this next phase.