Speak more, win more… fact!

Technology is great for communication. I have clients that text, email, WhatsApp, Facebook message and I’ve won projects through email exchanges without even speaking!

Over the past few months I’ve started noticing the phones ringing less in our office and when visiting clients, people seem to be speaking less to their customers, suppliers and prospects.

Sure, it’s efficient, but is it really good for business? The answer… Yes and No!

I’ve already mentioned some great benefits but what I haven’t pointed out is a client who’s conversion rate went from 15% to 9% over the course of 2016, we believe because they weren’t speaking to their clients as much.

I once emailed a client with something quite positive and they totally misread what I’d put – it caused an (albeit short-lived) issue. I’ve heard of this happening often.

Sometimes you need a discussion, and a quick answer. Waiting for a text or email just isn’t the way to do it.

Embrace technology but don’t forget the most important asset in your business, the customer. The relationships you have can be supported through technology but I don’t believe they can be built – not in a rich and sustainable way.

So, don’t send that email you were just about to – pick up the phone and make a call!