D&M Creative Director, Damian Greenwood (STIG) hits Top Gear on latest project

D&M Creative Director, Damian Greenwood put together a winning pitch at BTTG, a Global Testing & Certification organisation. BTTG, based in Trafford Park, Manchester chose D&M in a closely fought battle with several Manchester Creative Agencies after work was presented to the leadership team in March 2015. Translations welcome please as this is what STIG had to say:-

“¡€#¢§¶ƒ©¥ •˙¨ø^πßΩ≈©©˙√∫~≤≥œ ∑´´®¥¨øπø^“˚ π#¢∞§†¥©˙∆¬¬˚´ Ω≈ç√∆˚¬¡€#¢§¶ƒ©¥ •˙¨ø^πßΩ≈©©˙√∫~≤≥œ ∑´´®¥¨øπø^“˚ π#¢∞§†¥©˙∆¬¬˚´ Ω≈ç√∆˚¬”

Morgan Rothwell who presented on the day said: “We can’t wait to get ‘stuck in’ now with lots of brochure projects and an upcoming exhibition. Onsite video production is planned to showcase BTTG’s testing environment at the exhibition and high speed HD photography will be factored into the modernised brand direction for BTTG”