What will be the biggest influencer in tomorrow’s Smart-Marketing Technology?

As ‘user focussed’ and ‘behavioural marketing’ strategies expose the weaknesses of out-dated consumer mass-marketing techniques, we are one Digital Media Agency in Lancashire who felt the need to ask the question;

How far can smart marketing actually go before we all become embroiled in a World where decision making, discussion and choice become obsolete?

It’s no secret that our digital behaviours and demographic preferences are continually and closely monitored and our exposure to new things becomes less of a possibility. How do we challenge these practices and actively ‘opt in’, inviting new products and services to be delivered to our own channels when our past choices so closely restrict our future introduction to new things?

Somebody has to be the first to buy something brand new, Amazon’s ‘recommendation based on preference’ model is the only way to distribute new messages that you ‘may be interested in’, however, even this method of information delivery is still subject to some quite rigid ‘digital marketing filtration’.

As technology advances and the possibilities of smart marketing technology improve daily, the overall objective remains exactly the same and the hypothetical question should be;

How do you give your audience exactly what they are seeking, at the right time, in a way that speaks directly to them?

The answer to achieving brand success in 2019 and beyond will require a real re-think of how consumer-marketing messages are delivered through social channels. How intelligent can our strategies become? How effective will these platforms be and is the possibility of ‘smart guess work’ closer than ever in order to ‘influence and guide our futures’ rather than a basic understanding and road-signing of our pasts?

Adopting a customer-centric approach, that is individualised and offers a valuable and contextually relevant experience is one thing, but how do we speak directly to an individual who actually needs a completely new suggestion that will cure their conundrum?

As we explore our own position within our B2B space, we ask what would make a Digital Marketing Agency in Lancashire attractive to our potential client base? As we profess to be the engineers of everything new, how do we distribute our message to potential clients who are seeking to work with an agency such as ours for the first time?

If smart marketing is generally based on historical behaviour, how do we showcase ourselves as being unique, ‘unlike any other business’ thus attracting zero ‘historically preference based’ ad delivery?

These are the questions that all B2B marketers must now begin to explore. If you’d like to discuss your Digital Marketing Strategy for 2019 please drop me an email: d.greenwood@dandmcreative.com

Author: Damian Greenwood, Creative Director, D&M Creative Limited 2019.