The Importance of good photography on social media

In today’s age a brand is often judged on the strength of its social media.

More and more people are buying from a business they see on social media. With the height of online shopping and digital platforms becoming more accessible, it is important to represent your brand to the best of your ability.

One such way is imagery and a good quality photo can go a long way. From selling a product to informing customers of new offers, your success comes down to what you post and how you catch someone’s eye!

Getting the best out of your tech

Phones – Modern mobile phones are exceptional in what they do and what they have achieved over the past 20 years. 2019 is no exception to this, especially with the cameras that mobile phones now have.

The Samsung S10 + Sports a 16-megapixel ultra-wide camera; this matches with most modern cameras from 2005-2010. With this in mind it’s ideal for taking some professional looking photos.

Cameras – If you happen to own a professional camera that shoots more then 12MP then great! These cameras have lots of capability and watching a YouTube video on how to get the best from that particular camera is a great idea. One tip is to invest in a tripod  as this helps stabilise the camera and take clear high-quality photos.

As a social media user myself, I tend to find that even those with great cameras can often take pictures that don’t quite capture the right essence of what they would like to show off, especially when it comes to a product.

Here are some tips when taking photos

  • Angles are everything they can determine if the photo carries the right image you are aiming for. Experimenting with different angles can help you push the norm and get some really good photos.
  • Scenes – When you take a photo make sure the scene is clear. This includes moving rubbish, tools, and even people out of the way. When showing off something people can easily get distracted if they spot things out of place. It also makes your photos look a lot nicer and more professional.
  • Reflection, Often when taking pictures of something reflective, the person taking the photo can be seen. Make sure you stand in a place where there are no reflections so you can avoid this.
  • Lighting plays a big part and choosing when to take your photo may seem like a small thing but photos look much better in naturally lighted areas, so aim to take photos when the light is optimum for your subject.



One simple way to spruce up photos is editing, this can be done in a lot of software and almost every phone has some form of this built in. It can help bring out the light and colours even when the photo is taken on a dull rainy day.

If editing on a PC, you can find some free software online. Photoshop is also an option if you have a licence and has a lot more tools if you wish to manipulate the photos even further than a few statistic adjustments. Below are a few more tips on editing photos

  • Cropping is one of the simplest ways to edit out parts of a photo you don’t want to see. There can be many reasons why you need to crop an image like removing something as simple as a piece of rubbish or just wanting to show off a certain part of the product or removing the background scene completely.
  • Filters, Almost every photo editing software has some form of filter available. Normally this can be used to change colours or adding effects. These can be also used to mask areas not wanting to be seen using a fade filter.
  • Brightness and Values, If  you want to get into more advanced tips, changing certain values using a ‘value menu’ can do this by changing such things as brightness and saturation to bring the photo to life.
  • Resizing, Sometimes the image taken needs to be a certain size, resizing the image can manipulate it to allow it to be uploaded to a website or emailed easily.


Social Media Posts

Once you have your edited photos, choose the very best, even get a second opinion on what someone else believes to be the best photos. Once you have your final choices they are ready to be posted on your social media!

The text used on Social Media posts be as important as the photo itself, and using the right tools at your disposal will only add to your brand. Some of the biggest brands in the world use social media to inform, advertise and sell. Using photos is only part of the post, even if it is the main point of the post the text matched with the photo is important too. Here are some tips to make sure you also make the most out of each post


  • Hashtags help more people find your post on social media as it groups up all posts with that tag for people who are looking for a relevant business. These are also great to make your post relevant and modern. Hashtags are used by a younger audience and can even get a post trending with the right tags.
  • Website Links Will help users find your website/store, this is good for ecommerce sites and those that want to increase traffic. It also helps bring new users to your site who wouldn’t necessarily find you through google.
  • Humour is a great way to get attention and have people react to the posts you create. Some of the best social media campaigns have been those that have used humour as a basis for interaction.
  • Interaction, Having posts that can be interacted with such as comments or shares can be a great way to engage with your audience on a much more personal level and the more interaction you get the more of an audience you build up.


Hopefully, this blog will help you become better at social media and at creating high-quality posts using photos to attract an audience and have them interact with your posts.