On the 4th of February, I travelled to D&M Creative to start my work experience, this is a mandatory event for all of year 10 students at St Christopher’s High School. I was very nervous about coming in because I am a very shy person.

I turned up outside the building and realised that i needed a pass to get in, this made me panic but i was able to sneak in by waiting for a worker to go through and I followed them in. I asked main reception about how to get to the office. She called them up and replied saying that somebody is coming down for me. After waiting a few minutes Damian came downstairs and this was when i first met him after talking to him through emails.

We headed upstairs into the office and entered, the office was the biggest surprise for me as I thought it was going to be a very big room full of workers but it was only a medium sized room with sofa’s, desks and lots of Mac Computers.

I then later met Morgan and Gary, the two other workers at D&M. They sat down for what i presumed was a meeting, while they were discussing what to do, i was sat at my desk wondering if I was meant to be doing anything. They then sat down at their desk’s and Damian asked me to research the history of a client for a timeline. I got to work and so did they, sometimes it was quiet and other times they talked and joked, it was fun to listen and fun to work.

To me it seemed apparent that Damian was the group leader, but I also thought it was weird that Morgan was eating a pie at around 10 am. Overall, I think the people at D&M are great people to work with and that they are great at what they do. I enjoyed my work on the first day and hope to enjoy the rest of it throughout my work experience.

Gianluca Vozzolo