It’s Chris here, the newest member at D&M creative. My first week of work has been an absolute blast and the team have been so welcoming and supportive as I get settled in. Already I’ve been busy assisting the guys with their ongoing projects, social media scheduling and networking with new and old clients.

Firstly, let me tell you a little about myself and my background, after graduating with a bachelors degree in business, I spent then next five years working in the legal sector as a marketing executive and a project manager. Although, I did thoroughly love my time in law, I eventually found myself longing for a new challenge. I wanted more variety and the chance to be more creative, that’s precisely what led me to be sat here writing this at the D&M headquarters.

After only one week, I am already certain that this is going to be a role I can grow and develop in, both professionally and creatively. I’ve noticed that the beauty of marketing agency work is that I get to work on a endless variety of projects that I can get impassioned about and that encourages to be more creative and individualistic.

One of the first things that struck me about the D&M team is their unparalleled passion for the work they do, their commitment to each client and their innovative approach to marketing and design. I feel very lucky to be working along side such a creative bunch and I am looking forward to the fun journey ahead.

I’ll be keeping you all updated on all our future projects and work.

Speak soon