On the 4th of February I started off my work experience at D&M Creative, as a year 10 pupil from St Christophers High School. I was looking forward to this as I would be able to see what it’s like working in the creative industry.

When I got there on my first day, I walked into the building and was asked to take a seat by the receptionist, as he had seen me there before and knew why I was there. He called the D&M office and I waited for someone to take me up. I was then greeted by a guy named Scott whom was also new but was joining the marketing side of the business. When I got up to the office, I was introduced to Damian who set me up on an iMac on the same long desk that all the other Mac’s were on that everyone else worked on. 

After Damian had set me up on a Mac, I was introduced to Morgan who is on the marketing side of the business along with Scott. At first, Damian told me to research and come up with my own logo designs because he wanted me to make a full stationary set including a logo, letterhead, business cards and compliment slips all branded by me as a Graphic Designer. During my research I was introduced to Gary, he handles all of the technical things in the business. E.g. He takes all of Damian’s exceptional graphical designs that work perfectly with whatever company he is working with and turns them into a fantastic website for the company to show off their business.

After I had done some logo designs, Gary had me improving one of their client’s websites by transferring all the images from within each of the newsroom articles and putting them on the front of the article to make them look a whole lot better that before. I enjoyed this because I like website design and coding, as well as graphic design. 

On my second day at D&M, I was carrying on with my logos and finishing them. I then chose the one that I liked the most, and with the help of Damian, we added the final touches to the logo to make it look its best. With the finished logo, I then put it on a letterhead, business cards and compliment slips to complete the stationary set. After this, I was doing more on the website from the day before but this time I was transferring all of the shop items from the company’s previous website onto there current one. It was a similar process to the last one with a few extra steps but I still enjoyed it the same.

I’m on my third day now writing this blog, I would definitely recommend D&M Creative if you are into graphic and website design and looking for a work experience placement, the guys over here are very friendly and very funny. I’m really enjoying my placement here and looking forward to the rest of my 2 weeks here. 

If you’re looking for a work placement or are interested in a career in the Creative Industry please contact D&M here… info@dandmcreative.com