A week in the life of a Creative Agency.

On the 8th of July I worked at D and M creative as apart of my work experience at sixth form for a week. I was expecting a very formal and strict atmosphere in the office however when I got in there, there was settees and desks full of iMacs. I was given my own Mac to work on as I arrived and once I met all the workers and had a few jokes then we all sat down and got on with work. 

I have been involved in many aspects of the business from creating promotional posts where Morgan allowed me to publish it onto the businesses facebook page without reading over it as he believed it would be ok which shows their trust even after three days. As well as this I also joined Morgan when he went to a business meeting on the monday with Stevens traceability systems Ltd, this was interesting as it gave me a true insight into how businesses operate and how they try to improve their image (which D and M help with) through minimising waste and attracting more traffic to their website and products.

I spent a lot of time with Morgan over the first two days as he is responsible for the marketing side of the business and this is what I hope to do later in life. However, through the week I began to sit with Gary and Damian to see what they do and I was interested instantly, I watched Damian create a new website from a blanc white sheet to a colourful eye catching design. Gary is responsible for the techy side of the business as he takes Damian’s designs and makes them come to life. Everyone of them have their own jobs to do and are great in what they do, that’s why the final products and websites are exceptional. 

Overall, my experience at D and M has been very enjoyable and has taught me what you cannot learn in a classroom.

If you’re looking for a work placement or are interested in a career in the Creative Industry please contact us here… info@dandmcreative.com