Your content mustn’t lie, so make it good…

As the importance of having an inbound marketing strategy continues to gain momentum across the Globe, why is it that, here in the UK, businesses seem quite slow on the uptake?

In this age of information, the quality of our content has become ever more important to gain any momentum on an already congested infrastructure called the internet.

The sea change in America is already at full pace with an ever growing number of organisations turning to inbound marketing strategies and retiring their more traditional methods of matching products with customers.

The days of simply pushing our products and/or services out to the world have come and gone. The importance of serving good quality, useful information to our audience has now become not only good practice, but crucial to building an effective business.

It’s time for UK businesses to get under the skin of inbound marketing and be willing to embrace this ‘change for the better’ in marketing dynamics. Remember, it’s ‘What you say’, in 2017 not how you say it. Make it good, inspiring, interesting or just plain amusing.

We’re delighted to welcome our latest talent to the creative team, Declan Walker, who has published articles on inbound marketing strategy, embraced an exciting change within the industry and is willing to help our clients understand the benefits of inviting your customers to like, share and even learn from your content. You can contact Declan here:-