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What we do is dead simple. We help our clients to entice more customers and win more business through better marketing, beautifully balanced branding and hard hitting advertising campaigns. Our pencils are always at the ready, our Mac’s are always raring to go and our best work is always yet to come. If you’re looking for a North West marketing agency near Manchester, you’re in the right place. If you’re keen to get your products and services moving at a pace never witnessed before, drop our Marketing Director, Morgan an email here: He’s always really thrilled to talk to anybody about anything marketing. Feel free to burn Morgan’s mobile battery on 07973 373 035.

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Corporate & Brand Identity

Creating a new brand identity is one of the most crucial factors in the overall success of any business. Simply choosing a logo ‘off the shelf’ can work, however, this route involves an awful lot of luck. We begin any new brand by studying the market sector, getting under the skin of the industry and exploring ideas that will differentiate a business within an industry, not alienate it. Extracting relevant shape and form from within an industry, for example, people in hospitality, technology in IT and nature objects in conservation, let’s the pencil go to work and a creative mind to explore. Selecting the right colour schemes, choosing big bold over sensitive and subtle typography can be the difference between getting it right or totally wrong for the audience. Brands build trust, trust breeds loyalty and great reviews attract new customers, loyalty retains customers, loyal customers build businesses.

Offline Marketing, Brochures & Leaflets

Our knowledge of print is as relevant today as it was twenty years ago. Print technology has moved on significantly in that time with the introduction of high definition digital print through Indigo for short print runs, and CTP (Computer to Plate) technology for larger, lithographic print runs. Finishing techniques such as spot UV varnishing, foil block and soft touch laminates are also available to give your customers a feel for your business, something an e-shot will never achieve.

In an ever-increasing digital landscape, a high-quality brochure still goes the extra mile in the promotion of your products or services. It makes a statement, shows your commitment to quality and also provides you with the opportunity to leave something memorable with your prospective customers. The cost of materials has increased over the years, however, the overall cost of print production has decreased with the introduction of new, more efficient technology.

Consider a short run, high-quality and personalised brochure the next time you are trying to solidify relations with your most important customers. Being handed a personalised document adds something very special and helps build loyalty, giving your customers real value and aiding their decision to choose you again.

Promotional & Advertising Literature

Tell your story. Showcase the benefits and the impact that your product or service will have on your propsects. Use print materials that reflect your offering and create a bite-sized, free to take piece of your story. Unlike many digital methods, a well-considered piece of promotional literature will ‘hang around’ much longer and offer a place to go back to, to refresh your customers minds.

Offering product or service level choices in your promotional literature gives your customer base time to reflect on which one is the right product for them. The choice to buy becomes irrelevant when the question is ‘which one do I need?’ over ‘should I buy or not?’. We’ll advise you how to get the maximum return on any item of promotional literature and let you in on one or two industry proven techniques to take your customers through this journey.

Exhibitions & Trade Shows

If you’re considering exhibiting, it’s advisable to check all of the factors before committing to the space and getting the power tools out. A client of ours recently booked space at the NEC, earlier in the year, before discovering that the Saturday exhibition was the same day as the Royal Wedding and the FA Cup Final. Has to be said, attendance wasn’t impressive reading. That said, relevant and focussed exhibiting can be an extremely lucrative method of getting your products and services showcased in front a highly targeted audience in a very short space of time.

Try to find exhibitions where you are the only exhibitor in your field – don’t fight for space with your competitors if you can avoid it. For instance, we might be the only ‘Creative Agency’ exhibiting at a motorsport event. We’d attract the Motorsport Industry leaders through showcasing digital advertising hoardings, leading brand sponsorship opportunities, marketing technologies plus press and PR opportunities.

If you are interested in showcasing your products or services at an exhibition, or you are simply looking for a little advice on where, when and why, feel free to ask us the question. Exhibiting can be expensive but can have immediately impacting results, so it’s worth asking us the question! est assured, you’ll get nothing but an honest and open opinion.

Advertising Services For Business

Of course, nobody will buy our products or services unless we broadcast, to our audience, why we’re here. Targeted advertising is actually desired by most people, junk advertising is not. How did you know that paracetamol could relieve your headache until the benefits of its after effect were advertised to you. You see, relevant, helpful and ‘just what you needed’ forms of advertising serve to provide us with the things that we need or want.

The best advertising concepts in the World will stick around for light years and we all remember one advert that has stayed with us. Although the word ‘Advertising’ has become a slightly objectionable word, we actually all need it. Imagine a world without advertising. Global economies would collapse, millions upon millions of useful, helpful and life changing products and services wouldn’t exist, research and development would be defunct.

There will always be a place for good, relevant and on-point advertising. We believe that our no-nonsense approach to great advertising was born in our Northern roots. If you’re advertising a great product or service, it will inevitably benefit somebody, somewhere, so the rules are simple; be absolutely honest about what it is, don’t be afraid of saying “yes, this is an advert”.

Product Packaging & Point-of-sale Promotion

Packaging – Form
If an amazing plate of food starts in your eyes, then an amazing product begins in your hands. To hold a product in your hands, the size, the weight, the three dimensional form starts your decision making journey as to whether it feels right for you or not. Certain psychologists argue that we are not persuaded by form in our decision making process. Have you ever chosen a perfume, a new watch or an expensive gadget on the strength of the packaging? After all, it’s what attracted you in the first place!

Packaging – Function
Good packaging also serves to protect, help with transportation or preservation. Tetrapak’s liquid holding paper carton is one the most successful packaging concepts of all time. For all of our modern technology developments over the last fifty years, we still haven’t found a better method of preserving food, such a fish, than the tin can.

Packaging – Volume & Space
Great packaging, as a general rule, serves to compact manufactured products for importation in a protective and stackable environment. Space on cargo ships and aircraft is limited, so a well designed B-flute box or interlocking cartons can reduce the cost on the shelves. The more that can be shipped in one container from the far east, the more cost-effective it becomes.

If you have a luxury item that requires packaging, or a volume import product, please call us and allow us to discuss everything from FMCG regulations to mass production overseas.