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Can you help with SEO and CRO?2019-03-13T10:33:08+00:00
SEO and CRO are both areas that we are extremely passionate about and have helped numerous companies with. However, Google (and other search engines) are constantly changing what criteria they look for in a ‘good’ website for their users, this can lead to parts of your website failing to show up in search results. We are experts in developing SEO and CRO strategies to help you adapt to these changes and improve your online viability and conversion rate.
How long will an average website take to complete?2019-03-13T10:24:47+00:00
Depending on the specific needs for your website or project, time frames can vary. However, we understand that some deadlines cant be moved. Whether you require a brand new website building urgently or brochures designing and printing for an upcoming exhibition, we are always flexible to help you achieve your goals in a time frame that works around you.
During our 18 years of industry experience, we have developed skills to be flexible around deadlines, whilst still delivering the highest quality of work. We pride ourselves on being expert communicators and believe the clearer we understand your business and products, the greater and swifter we can deliver great results.
What is PPC?2019-03-13T10:22:39+00:00
The acronym ‘PPC’ is one that has been a long-standing part of the marketing lexicon. It stands for Pay Per Click and in simple terms, it means that every time somebody clicks on your advert, you will spend a fraction of your allocated budget.
The popularity of the keywords you use will determine how much you will pay per successful click through to your website. This is why it is crucial that you are creative with keywords to ensure they are popular search terms whilst keeping the cost per click low.
Can you help me with building a website from scratch?2019-03-13T10:12:32+00:00
Over the past 18 years, we have become experts at developing websites that are unique, look great and stand out from the rest. Before developing any site we would liaise with you to make sure we understand exactly what you are looking for in a site and keep you updated through the whole process.
What is Inbound Marketing?2019-03-13T09:55:01+00:00
Inbound marketing is a way of creating unique online content that your customers will find useful and interesting. This content will be more focussed on the reader rather than capturing a lead or a sale, this approach of indirect marketing can build more trust with your customers, grow your brand and in time increase your conversion.
What is Copywriting?2019-03-13T10:33:50+00:00
Put simply, copywriting means to create text-based content for online or print. Copywriting can be used to write articles or blog posts on niche topics relevant to your product or industry. If executed correctly, copywriting can make your website content more interesting and improve your Google ranking
What is CRO?2019-03-13T10:13:12+00:00
Once people have discovered and entered your site, you will want them to stick around and eventually ‘convert’. However, conversion is measured differently depending on the type of business you own and the objective you want to achieve.
For example, if your company sells sportswear then your conversion will likely be a sale through your site. However, if you are a charity looking to spread awareness then you will likely measure conversion by capturing details to add to a mailing list.
Once you understand what it is you wish to achieve through your site, you should use CRO on each page to lead to that end goal.
What is SEO?2019-03-13T09:17:05+00:00
What is SEO?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it is a process of developing and optimising pages on your website to appear higher in search results. This can be achieved by various different methods such as; keeping your site updated, having a great social media presence, blogging frequently and using the right keywords.
SEO optimisation can take many different forms. From making sure your website is updated with relevant content, to updating title tags and meta descriptions or steering users to other parts of your website that you’re proud of.
Another approach to improve SEO is the creative use of keywords. Keywords are the terms and phrases you input to match what your customers are typing into search engines. The more specific you are with these, the higher chance you have of rising to the top of search results
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