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Project Description

Sensible Soccer,
eCommerce Website,
Social Media Marketing.

Sensible Soccer With Mike Phelan


Sensible Soccer eCommerce Website

Sensible Soccer is a new company collaborating with existing industry leaders to enhance your football experience and facilitate the development of all those involved in the beautiful game. Whether you are a player, parent, volunteer, coach, teacher, organiser, chairperson, mother, brother, sister or father there is something there for everyone.

Project Requirements

The brief required a complete marketing solution for Sensible Soccer to be used predominantly online with a fully operational ecommerce website. Social media marketing, inbound marketing, Google Adwords (Pay per click campaigns) and organic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) were required to introduce a new brand to a very completive marketplace. A responsive website has been developed to detect and respond to multiple devices such as mobile phone, tablet & desktop computing across all Platforms

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