I was recently in the unfortunate situation whereby I had to take my 10 year old son to Accident & Emergency, a pretty stressful environment for all as you can imagine. However, for a small group of youngsters, it was simply another opportunity to seize the moment, rationalise the situation and get on with doing what most children do best, highly creative, imaginative play.

It utterly amazed me how six or seven young children, that had never met before, utilised a small box of wooden blocks to create a team, nominate a leader, build a small workforce and hire an overseeing supervisor, all in a matter of minutes.

The overall, un-prompted objective within the group was to construct an interesting building from the materials to hand, on the table in front of them.

Colour preferences were quickly decided, from best to worst with a basic, but vastly effective voting system. Shape and form was quickly pitched from the delegated group leader (with lots of very interesting expression). The workforce acted quickly in an attempt to create a first draft / working prototype.

Within minutes, a group result had been achieved, the majority were very satisfied and proud of their work, one or two perfectionists had suggestions for improvements and detail tweaks, but overall, it was a great job well executed. One young lady (who’d observed from the start) gave her approval.

What I found quite astonishing was how quickly the brief changed, how quickly decisions were made when faced with challenges or differences in opinion, and just how effective the pace of the whole process unfolded.

Then I realised. We’ve been going through this exact same process as a business since we started out. Working in the Creative industry is simply an amplified version of what had just taken place, with a group of young children, right in front of me. It started with the brief, to the interpretation and creation stage through to the final tweaks and adjustments and then the eventual approval.

It proved to me that as adults, we should maybe take ourselves back to the time that we were part of this group. Who were we then? The Leader, the workforce or the supervisor? Are we still the same person that we were then, or have we been pulled from our core role that was collectively decided as youngsters?

Waiting rooms offer amazing insight in to all behaviour, young and old, but next time you’re visiting the dentists or are waiting in a public place, just observe, take time to listen and absorb the mini teams and groups that naturally form around you.

As a Creative Agency, we’re always working on ways to improve the creative journey / process, offer insights into the whole process and share our strengths in order to improve our clients approach to marketing.

Feel free to post any similar experiences or observations below, we’re always keen to hear more, learn more and act on good advice from everybody, whether you’re seven or seventy. Contact Damian if you’d like to discuss some more: d.greenwood@www.dandmcreative.com

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