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Google wants you to secure your site…

Google wants you to secure your site. If I told you that you could improve your ranking in google and your users browsing security by just employing one simple thing on your web server, would you be interested? Well you can do both of these things right now by installing an SSL certificate. The average web developer didn’t really need to care much about SSL certificates unless they were running an e-commerce site, but that all changed in 2014 when google

Google wants you to secure your site…2017-03-17T09:39:51+00:00

STIG hits Top Gear with a Winning Pitch

D&M Creative Director, Damian Greenwood (STIG) hits Top Gear on latest project D&M Creative Director, Damian Greenwood put together a winning pitch at BTTG, a Global Testing & Certification organisation. BTTG, based in Trafford Park, Manchester chose D&M in a closely fought battle with several Manchester Creative Agencies after work was presented to the leadership team in March 2015. Translations welcome please as this is what STIG had to say:- "¡€#¢§¶ƒ©¥ •˙¨ø^πßΩ≈©©˙√∫~≤≥œ ∑´´®¥¨øπø^“˚ π#¢∞§†¥©˙∆¬¬˚´ Ω≈ç√∆˚¬¡€#¢§¶ƒ©¥ •˙¨ø^πßΩ≈©©˙√∫~≤≥œ ∑´´®¥¨øπø^“˚ π#¢∞§†¥©˙∆¬¬˚´ Ω≈ç√∆˚¬" Morgan

STIG hits Top Gear with a Winning Pitch2015-04-02T15:03:34+00:00

When Morgan Met George Osborne

D&M Marketing Director, Morgan Rothwell attends an evening reception at 11 Downing Street, attended by The Rt. Hon George Osborne MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer. Morgan Rothwell attended this invitation-only event, which took place on Wednesday 24th September, aimed to showcase the Lancashire and Merseyside Community Foundations’ work on behalf of local charities, community groups and philanthropists to an audience of Lancashire and Merseyside’s business leaders, benefactors and donors.  The Community Foundations also welcomed some famous faces: Elaine Page, Joe Longthorne,

When Morgan Met George Osborne2015-04-01T15:07:19+00:00

When Morgan Met Boris Johnson

D&M Marketing Director, Morgan Rothwell meets Boris Johnson at The Alma Inn, Colne D&M Marketing Director, Morgan Rothwell had an evening to remember at the Alma Inn, Laneshawbridge when local pub goers were surprised by the arrival of Government heavyweight, Boris Johnson on Thursday evening. Boris had 'popped in for a pint' as part of his whistlestop tour of North West England to get the General Election campaign off to a flyer. "It was a great opportunity to meet Boris and enjoy

When Morgan Met Boris Johnson2015-04-01T14:21:37+00:00
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