AGM Services – Creative Canvas for Advertising & Marketing Concepts

Here is the master canvas where we can view concepts, share ideas, create campaigns and generally have some fun. It’s dead important to see how visual communications work together to form a series / bank of material that should generate enough familiarity to be instantly recognisable to the AGM Services brand.

July / August 2022 – Marketing Activity & Concept Development Timeline

Let’s start with the logo. Not a re-brand, just a minor modernisation in order to ensure consistency across all mediums. This is purely for Digital Marketing Mediums in the initial stages.

I’ve also included a few branding elements that I propose to use on various mediums. this is quite simply to begin to build more stylised visual appeal with AGM’s advertising / Literature / Marketing & Advertising Collateral.

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Initial Visuals for Social Media Platform Advertising Channels.

I’ve utilised and adapted variations of Just One Tree’s Global advertising statements and offered Core Reasons why USC are involved in such an important cause.

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Clean Automotive Focussed Advertising for Social Media Platform Advertising Channels.

Working on the concept of having the Spray Booth Industry Maintenance Services, All Wrapped Up.

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General Corporate Styling, a Few Rules & Guidelines to Maintain Consistency

General Typography Guidance

Typography style should remain consistent throughout all advertising mediums, retaining consistency and memorability. The following typeface should be used unless other typographic style enhances a specific message. Gotham (All Variants).

AGM Services Digital Thumbprint (Advertising)

A Physical Digital stamp associated with AGM Services Advertising. Will generate memorability and also avoid copycat reproduction (acting as watermarked graphic across all mediums).