The Journey Here, The Adventure Beyond Here…

20 years in the business (of smashing the results for clients) has given us our edge. The journey since 2002 has seen technology soar to new heights, yet we believe the tech journey has only just scratched the surface of possiblity. Data led marketing, advertising that follows you around, messages aimed purely at your behavioural history are all streamlined and efficient marketing techniques, however, we must keep our customers eyes and minds open to all of the alteratives. The resurgence of retro methods such as high quality printed brochures, something you can touch or feel that doesn’t require a charger… physical gifts and incentives still has a place.

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Damian Greenwood Creative Director D&M Creative Limited 2019

Damian Greenwood

Creative Director

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Morgan Rothwell Marketing Director D&M Creative Limited 2019

Morgan Rothwell

Marketing Director

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Gary Baldwin Technical Director D&M Creative Limited 2019

Gary Baldwin

Technical Director

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Scott Byrom

Marketing Executive

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Dominic Potts

Dominic Potts

Social Media

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Josh Coulson

Josh Coulson

Marketing Executive

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Finding The Right Balance With Your Creative Partners…

Finding the right marketing mix varies by client, sector and industry. In order to ‘get under the skin’ of your audience, we believe in variety, careful measurement and conversion rate optimisation. That doesn’t mean calculated, cold probing, it simply means finding the perfect medium that just gels with your client base.

Which Agency Do You Choose?

Let’s face facts, there are many, many digital agencies to choose from in most areas of the UK these days as the digital revolution takes flight. Choosing the right creative partner for your business can be quite challenging, so we thought we’d give you a basic checklist here (as a starting point) to help you decide who’s right for you. We’d like to emphasise that we have many years experience in all of these areas, of course, so if you are searching for help, ensure that these are over covered, at the very least, in the first instance.

Building On Those Smashing Relationships

The most important area of any B2B or B2C longevity is your relationship. Every relationship needs effort, empathy, care and exceptional listening. We care about your customers, we care about your business and we care about trust, results and vision. Strong relationships build trust, that’s our story so far, however we understand that these are only nurtured through over achievement, exceptional value for money and impressively ambitious standards.

The Essential People (The Creators, Planners & Builders)

Art / Creative Director.

Every agency needs a full-time Art / Creative Director. Without this, your agency may be missing a vital skillset or ability to talk directly to your customer base. They could miss opportunities to set you apart from your major competitors, or produce work that lacks character or personality. Your branding, advertising, messaging needs to be a ‘fully committed broadcast’ of you, your business and your brilliance.

Senior Marketing Adviser / Director.

Every agency needs a full-time (& Qualified) Marketing Adviser / Director. Your strategy needs measurability. Your investment needs to be carefully considered at every turn. Your campaigns must have the agility to evolve with you, become unique to you and prove themselves as the results come in.

Technical Director.

Every agency needs a full-time Technical Director. Technology is changing at a furious pace and deciding between bleeding edge and hemorraging your budget needs experience and planned consideration that can be explained without jargon so everyone is on the same page.

The Essential Service Capability

Online (Modern) Essential Skills

Responsive Website Design (Multi-Device, UX) Ecommerce Development (Bespoke Programming, Payment Gateways, Online Security, UI) Inbound Digital Marketing Campaigns (Social Media Channel Marketing, UX) Interactive Digital Content Creation (Infographics, Video) SEO Services (Onsite, Offsite, Accountability and Reporting)

Offline (Traditional) Essential Skills

Conceptual Visuals (Ideas on Paper, Mindblowers, Game Changing Approaches) Logo / Identity Development, Brand Development, Futurisation Pure Graphic Design & Typography (Urban Spaces to Annual Reports) Printed Media Artwork Creation (Brochures, 3D Mail, Large Format, Exhibitions) Packaging Design & Production (POS, FMCG, Retail)

The Capacity to Deliver On-Time, Brilliantly.

You must believe that your agency can deliver what they promise. At the first sign of doubt, the relationship is effectively over. Results only come after the event of activities, so you’ll be asked to place a significant amount of trust in your agency at the outset. The proof is in the pudding (they say). The only honest method is to work together on all strategic planning, through to the creative direction, then roll out of ideas to ensure that the results are truly reflected.

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