Typographic Styles, Vivid (RGB) Colour & Form, Asymmetrical Layouts? What We’ll See In 2019

Graphic design consumes our everyday lives. It helps us visualise and understand our surroundings wherever we go. 2018 was brave. ‘Visual risk taking’ was high on the agenda and challenging the way we view brands seems to be the current tone being set for 2019.

Tech Brands such as Apple, Samsung and Huawei are pushing the boundaries with asymmetric digital (RGB) colour styles, depth of field focus exploration and clean, animated typography.

As print takes a back seat and Retina displays take charge, Graphic Design now has the opportunity to explore colour and shape, together with seamless and ‘Believable Videography’ as we’ve never seen before. The addition of the sound track on top of visuals gives designers the ability to create the ‘Total Sensory Experience’ as advertising now moves into an era of ‘Attention Insistent Absorption’.

So what are we likely to see from Summer 2019 onwards that will push the boundaries even further? We’re a Graphic Design Agency in Lancashire & here’s our top 10 trends to look out for as we head towards 2020.

1) Depth, Form & Digitised (RGB) Vivid Colour

Technological advancement and non-restrictive reproduction challenges have now given graphic designers everything that they’ve ever wanted. Freedom to create without the concerns of ‘but how will we print that?’ will be the movement as we head towards ‘100% digital’. With the launch of Apple’s Depth of Field filter in 2018, 3D rendered typography and metallic gradients, layered space seems to be trending right now. Creating visuals that you can ‘Reach Out & Touch’ offers a ‘User Experience’ that more traditional flat colour simply cannot deliver.

Watch A Perfect Example Here From Apple:-

Our prediction for the next twelve months will bring to life the possibilities of fluorescence and neon colour, now that we live in an RGB world and will be abundant until we’ve seen too much of it. We believe that it is possible that we’ll see a return to a more ‘toned down’ and ‘mood relative to the subject’ style as we enter 2020.

2) The 1920’s Art Deco Renaissance Could Be Set For A Digital Return

Attention to detail has always had a place in high quality graphic design and that applies today as much as it did in post WW1. Intricacy, pattern and well thought out shape and form can add an abundance of substance to any brand attempting to communicate quality. Mixed with ornate typographic styling, complex symmetry and crisp metallic, a brand hoping to achieve an elegant and ‘well established’ approach will shift back to the rules that have been around for a decade.

Work is underway already to create a digitised, futuristic, Luxurious Opulence, that will remain fashionable for another half of a century, as Art Deco confidently achieved first time around.

3) Noisy Contrasting Contradiction, It’s Everywhere

Many Graphic Designers believe that subtlety is dead, especially now that we operate in such a crowded space, but this, however is a total contradiction of what’s rapidly evolving. Subtlety and simplicity will become more important than ever, for the simple fact that yes, we do operate in such a crowded space. If everybody is screaming around you, you will instinctively move towards a quieter space where messages are self confident, powerful yet remain calm.

Our prediction for 2019 into 2020 will see trends moving more towards a bright new colourful minimalistic approach that softly let’s you know that this is a brand that will stay calm and not even embark in a shouting match for space.

4) Typography Goes Forward, With A Huge ‘Slab’ Of Charisma

Swiss typography has ruled the way for over a decade but a shift in how we read the simple word is becoming increasing popular as brands look to individualise their products and services. More challenging and edgy typography is now witnessing a rebirth from the days of Neville Brody. As typographers move away from the safer straight lines and equal kerning of yesteryear, Sans Serifs are beginning to look out-dated and almost characterless options, when there are opportunities to showcase your personality.

Our prediction is that we will start to see a lot more freedom, especially from larger corporate organisations where personality is becoming more fashionable than strength and power. Get used to seeing fonts with a lot more charisma and custom typefaces being developed that we’ll associate with particular big players, such as Apple.

5) Open ‘Floated Space’ Compositions, Forget Frames, Our Screen Displays are Angular Enough

The days of putting pictures in frames are long gone. Our lives are ruled by wide screen displays or mobile phone screens so what we do within that canvas space is becoming more radical. Graphic Designers used to square pieces of artwork in order to feel a sense of ‘the finished article’. Today, it is clear to see from your choice of lock screens and more fluid user interfaces that there is a shift towards more ‘open ended’ layouts that only give you ‘part of the full picture’. Our devices come with a ready-made frame, so use the space wisely and don’t’ be restricted by it. You may have noticed that logos and corporate identities over the last year have also become much less boxy, more compositionally ‘Floated Space’ pieces of artwork with more open shapes, angles and non-uniformed edges.

Our prediction is that we will see much more of an artistic approach to layouts, compositions and logos with far fewer framed or boxed visuals. Artwork will bleed off our canvasses at unusual angles with soft or hard focal points that are not ruled by corners or sides.

6) Remember, Graphic Design Is Art. Art, By Its Very Nature, Is An Ever Evolving Discipline No Matter What Form That Takes

Graphic Design, in its simplest form, is a commercialised version of Art and visual communication and every new thing that we create as Designers should take it’s worthy place in a gallery. We will witness a resurgence over the coming years in the raw, talented Graphic Designer that is as comfortable putting a marker pen to paper as they would be sitting behind a iMac Pro.

At the end of the day, The Marker Pen or iMac serve the basic purpose of a tool that should simply enable a creative individuals ideas to flow. It is the responsibility of the best Art Directors and Graphic Designers to become the influencers and let the rest catch up.

Our prediction is that we will see a resurgence of very talented Graphic Designers and Art Directors over the coming year who will really make a name for themselves. Qualifications in Graphic Design simply do not guarantee ‘Talented Graphic Designers’ and only the very best will become the major influencers in this Digital Evolution.

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